Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“I took this photo of Ana De Armas. It was a rainy day in LA and we went for a hot dog at Pink‘s, which is a very famous hotdog stand. I was just taking pictures of her and Ana is always dancing and moving, especially when she‘s eating or drinking. She‘s Cuban and loves food and loves all the good stuff. There‘s something in this picture that I love about it the most, it’s that she‘s so utterly unvain in the shot. Her cheeks are billowing with the hot dog she‘s eating and there‘s a confidence and a smirk and a tilt to her head that is so effortless. That is to me, far sexier than a picture of a girl posing, showing you how attractive it is. This is Ana just showing you herself. It‘s a lovely picture. I‘m showing you this one in color. I think when I first took it, I imagined it as a black and white. And when we went back to it, we saw all the lovely color in it. You see the red and white of the Coca-Cola bottle and then the red and white of the pillars in the background. And I ended up using it on the third issue I‘ve done of GWP magazine, which is also, the logo‘s red and white, and together they work fantastically. I think what I would take home from a picture like this is this idea of a portrait doesn‘t have to be someone still and looking at you. A portrait is something that captures something, somebody‘s personality. And I think that if you look at this and you see the joy in her eyes, as she‘s pulling the pose, you get something quite unique that is easy to replicate if that‘s what you‘re looking for. There‘s a point here about beauty is that it‘s very easy with your beautiful friends too, often you want them to look cosmetically beautiful, cosmetically perfect, and I think this picture really illustrates how that isn‘t necessary. And that actually, you see far greater inner beauty when you see someone really showing their personality than just posing in the background.”