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Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“I’ve shot Cate many times over the years. I first met her on Elizabeth in 1997. And I’d shot her in a few different scenarios, and got some good pictures. And I was heading back to the lifts, and someone ran after me and said, “Oh, Cate wants you to come back. She’s got an idea for a photo.” So I go back in, and her daughter is playing in her skirt. And her skirt, this amazing America transient dress. And it’s got this sort of, it’s almost like a tent. And her daughter was playing in the tent under her skirt. So the picture wasn’t my idea it all, it was Cate’s idea. I probably went back in that room for no more than a minute. Shot the picture. Saw this one of her laughing. Showed it to her, she loved it, and that was it. Done. It’s had a really interesting reaction. It’s one of my most liked photos I’ve ever taken. And it particularly struck a cord with working mothers. For that sort of balance of life of, you know, needing to be glamorous but also, you know, being a mum. And that picture just seems to have summed it up. If you take that into into your own life though, and you think, if you know, what you can gleam from a picture like that. It’s, you know, funny things happen to us all the time, right? People, you know, people do funny things. Something lands on them, they fall into something or, you know, they find something that, they find a lampshade and wear as a hat. Or whatever the hell it is that people do. The idea is to compose the picture in a way that best tells that story.“