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Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“I’ll shut this picture at the Brits Awards and they had an after party. And Dua Lipa won a number of awards there. And it was, you know, I think probably one of the biggest nights of her life. And she had all her friends there. And they were just partying so hard. And it was so joyful. And I was sort of, a real participant in it. I was really partying with them. And she’s singing straight into my lens. And just having so much fun with it. And everyone’s guard is so down. It just feels like, you know, that they’re just having the best party. So if you want to take a picture like this at home. I would just think very much that, you know, only one person in your picture needs to be posing for it to be a portrait. And so there’s something quite interesting about letting life go on around everyone. And then one person is there giving you the picture. And they are the subjects of the photo, but the photo is built up of all the madness that’s going on around them. There’s so many photos now where you do see my hands in it. You can see my hands shaking someone’s hand, meeting someone, cheering them. Some of these first person films where, you know, you fill out the canvas strap to someone’s chest and they’re just walking through an evening. That’s how I feel about party photos when they’re at their best.”