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Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“Took this picture at the Golden Globes. It was the year that once upon a time in Hollywood was nominated for a number of awards, and Brad and Leo were both nominated. I’ve shot both of them over the years and so, I wasn’t nervous about sticking my camera right in their faces. I may have been in previous years. I’d been with them in a green room, doing some photos and as they walked back to the stage, I just walked in front of them and shot the entire wall cause they’re coming towards me and this was just my favorite frame. Again, the light on their faces is just a light above the corridor and it’s not certainly no flashing, it isn’t deliberately lit it’s just a moment. Seriously thing with the Leica’s you can’t just shoot bursts of pictures forever. They hit a buffer if you do that. So you do have to be very mindful and I quite a lot of these moments to thinking of sports, you know, if you’re going to hit a tennis ball with a racket, you have to choose a moment. In this case, the moment was where the light was strongest on their faces. So the photos taken on the Leica Q2, It’s really Brad’s photo, the picture has these vanishing points, certainly from the roof of the corridor, which leads you directly to Brad and it does make sort of Brad the hero of those shots. It’s got a lot of the qualities I like most in pictures, which is frames within frames, a sense of perspective and very, very beautiful recognizable people wearing fantastic clothes in great lights. So it’s a real, it’s a goodie.“