Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
Price increases with every sold unit
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About this picture

“I took this picture of Olivia Coleman when she was promoting The Crown for Netflix. As with a lot of my favorite pictures, the shoot was kind of over and we bought all these crowns for the shoot, and she was like, ‘oh my God’, you know, my daughter would love this. And I said, take ’em, and I said, take as many as you like. And she so went to grab lights and then we laughed, and then, and then she stuck one on her head and then she stuck another one on her head and I’m just sort of laughing, encouraging her. And she just keeps going, and stacks these things up and then just does this sort of totally joyful thing. And I wasn’t taking pictures when she was stacking them, you know, she was over and we were talking, and then as it’s sort of getting better and better, I’m going, oh my God, this is the photo. And then it’s just and it was over, you know, probably five seconds. The lesson to anyone trying to take, take pictures that have this sort of joys, you know, it’s not over until everyone has left the building. And the, you know, you sort of never know where the most authentic moment’s going to come from. And yeah, this was this, just a joyful image of a really, really lovely lady and very talented actress.”